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  • Works under: Windows 8
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In Space, nobody can hear you screaming. However, when you play Kerbal Space you are more likely to be screaming in laughter than in terror. The game features great slapstick comedy elements that make it very engaging. Combine that with plenty of explosions and rockets -- and it is a dream come true for many gamers!

The game invokes a number of different genres, which surely would make it appealing to different types of gamers. Players have to build their own spaceship, one that is able to carry its crew into Outer Space. Although this concept might sound simple at first, providing everything that the crew needs and keeping them alive can be rather tricky, especially if you are not actually a member of NASA.

Players are presented with a large collection of parts that they have to put together to make their very own spaceship. Each of these parts has its own special function and will aid the flight of the ship or cause its destruction. The Physics-based Flight Simulation ensures a realistic representation of what would happen on an actual ship and players will need to strap themselves in, because plenty of thrills and spills are on the way.

Once players have successfully created their spaceship, they will be able to send their crew into Outer Space and hopefully reach the moon. However, this is just one of the many challenges that the game presents and there are plenty of other missions that put players’ mental abilities to the test.

The chances are that players will fail much more often than they succeed, especially in the early stages of the game. However, cute characters and witty dialogue are provided to take the edge off things and provide plenty of laughs along the way. Whether you win or lose, you will have a good time with Kerbal Space Program.

The game manages to convey the true sense of wonder that a trip into Outer Space would feel. Players are able to celebrate their achievement by shooting through the stars and watching the familiar world drop away at light speed. Unfortunately the graphics are not really up to the task at hand, but there are plenty of other great effects available to make sure that gamers do not really notice or mind this shortcoming.

Players have plenty of opportunities to brush up on their physics knowledge as they learn how to perfectly balance their spaceship and employ every element they need to reach Outer Space. The gaming controls are very easy to master and although building the spaceship is no piece of cake, it is still a lot of fun.

Unlike a real spaceship, your dream machine is crewed by a rather wacky team of astronauts. Rather than displaying the skills needed to survive in the great unknown, they combine a mixture of bravery and stupidity that invites players to laugh as they wander aimlessly around the ship and make blunder after blunder.

People who have a love for Outer Space, explosions, rockets or all of other elements like these would have a good time playing Kerbal Space Program, for sure! Although its cute graphics make the game seem a bit simplistic at first, there is plenty here to challenge gamers and keep them interested, while the comedy elements would get gamers laughing out loud.


  • The game uses a great combination of humour and intelligence
  • There is lots of content to enjoy
  • Players can create their own space programme


  • The graphics are a bit boring
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